Do you use lasers?

Lasers have not been shown in a clinical trial to provide a benefit to patients undergoing spine surgery. Lasers have been used in the resection of certain tumors, but not for general spine surgery.

Do I have to spend the night in the hospital?

It depends on the surgery. Typically for fusion surgery, patients spend at least one night in the hospital.

Do you do the surgery or does someone else?

I do the surgery. Each one of my patients cannot go into the operating room until I speak to them in surgical waiting area. I perform the entire surgery with my colleagues for the safest care.

How do I know when to get to the hospital for surgery?

The hospital will call you the day before surgery and tell you what time to get there.

Do you perform minimally invasive or arthroscopic surgery?

Yes. In specific cases we will perform surgery through a mini-open or minimally invasive approach that can reduce postoperative surgical pain.

What is different between your team and hospitals in New York City?

No difference. The technology is the same. The techniques are the same. We have an enormous clinical experience that rivals any other. Most people go to the city for the “name” but the simple fact is that we utilize the same surgical techniques.

Do you perform disc replacement surgery?

Lumbar disc replacement is an option but rarely indicated. Cervical disc replacement is also an option and more common. Dr. Abrahams was an instructor for the training of the Medtronic Cervical Disc – Prestige.