Dr. John M. Abrahams…

is a board-certified Neurosurgeon who performs complex Spine Surgery in Westchester County serving the Tri-State Area. He was recently named as one of 62 Spine Surgeon Innovators to Know. Dr. Abrahams has been awarded patents across multiple disciplines in the medical field and a serial entrepreneur with four medical device companies. He also ran a course at the national neurosurgical meeting instructing other surgeons on how to develop and market their ideas.

Through years of clinical practice, research, and managing difficult cases, Dr. Abrahams has developed a complex spinal surgery practice that treats the spectrum of spinal disorders from simple disc herniations to complex spine fractures and spinal tumors.

At the outset of your care, it is imperative to arrive at an accurate and correct diagnosis. Commonly, patients are diagnosed with shoulder and hip problems when in actuality they have a disc herniation causing compression of a nerve and resulting pain.

Nonsurgical options are optimized first prior to considering any surgery. Surgery is usually a last resort when symptoms do not respond to other conservative modalities – pain management, physical therapy, epidural injections, acupuncture, etc.